Lab C.S.C Corsica, France, 2007
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ScentSeas skincare
aqueous make-up removal
immortelle face cleanser
sensitive, floral water, face cleanser
sensitive skin foaming cleanser 3,38 floz
22.00 €
sensitiv immortelle face cleanser
immortelle foaming cleanser 3,38 floz
24.00 €
The very gentle formula of this facial cleanser is 
suitable for the most sensitive and / or irritated skin. It is
 designed with floral waters of marjoram or myrtle. 
Marjoram sobers up the complexion, myrtle soothes 
redness, revives microcirculation and rosacea. 
Moisten the face beforehand. Take a small dose of 
facial cleanser with the scent of your choice. 
Lather between fingers and cleanse the face in 
circular motions. Rinse well and blot your face. 
for a clear and soft skin results
floral waters
from corsica
myrtle floral water
our corsican distillation
11.00 €
immortelle floral water
organic corsican distillation
13.00 €
officinal lavender floral water
organic corsican distillation 3.38 floz
10.00 €
eau florale marjolaine 100 ml
nouvelle présentation
12.00 €
pennyroyal floral water
organic corsican distillation 3.38 floz
13.00 €
rosemary floral water
organic corsican distillation 3.38 floz
11.00 €
"Fleurs de peau", immortelle toner
natural formula
22.00 €
"Fleurs de peaus"face toner is made from immortelle 
and witch hazel floral waters. Applied with a cotton
pad on a clean face, it perfects 
  • cleansing, eliminates impurities, excess sebum,
  • tones, refreshes, reduces fine lines,
  • disinfects, decongests, heals, soothes,
astringent, anti-inflammatory (excellent after shaving), 
  • intensifies blood circulation, restores the natural PH
of dull skin.  
2 applications per day if the skin is oily and acne prone; 
avoid if the skin is sensitive or irritated composition: 
Helichrysum italicum Flower Water, 
Hammamelis Distilled water BPC (14% alcohol)
" fleurs de peau" immortelle skin toner
face toner
mineral soap treasure island
100 grs

6.90 €
150 grs
10.40 €
non aqueous make-up removal
face and eye area
immortelle repair balm
immortelle repair balm, eye contour, face, regenerating, dark circles, wounds 1 oz
38.00 €
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