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baumes visage à l'immortelle

ScentSeas skincare
immortelle repair balm
face and eye
immortelle repair balm
immortelle repair balm, eye contour, face, regenerating, dark circles, wounds 1 oz
38.00 €
baume réparateur à l'immortelle

immortelle repair balm
face & eye area

  • intense skin repairer 
  • tightening, hydrating, nourishing and decongestant active ingredients
  • dark circles, bags, signs of fatigue are reduced
  • for optimal tolerance around the eye
its regenerating application will have an exceptional anti wrinkle effect 
on your skin. The immortelle has properties to act on acne and rosacea. in local application on edemas, hematomas, even old scars, itching 
rich care, without water, to be applied preferably in the evening or for skin in need of repair. It takes very little to be effective.
Take a small amount, melt it on your fingertips, to apply it more easily all over the face, and finish on the eye contour area, preferably in the evening.
rich treatment, without water, preferably applied in the evening or for skin
in need of repair.
						contains no preservative nor color
30 ml      
précurseurs depuis 2007 dans la transparence de nos dépliants
intense firming coffee balm
baume raffermissant intense au café
face coffee balm
Baume raffermissant Intense au Café
intense firming coffee balm
Caribbean collection formula

Our melting balm is made with rare coffee butter 
it combines the precious resources of the Caribbean 
for the face, around the eyes, chest and neck optimal care
● The skin is soft, supple, smooth, nourished, toned
● The skin looks younger, radiant, firmer
The components of the coffee balm act
● to treat acne, scars, stretch marks
● to prevent dark spots
and damages caused by the effects
of weather and the sun
  • to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

for young and mature skins
30 ml

coffee balm
intense firming, smoothing, protective and anti-stain 1 oz
38.00 €
transparence grâce à nos dépliants décrivant l'histoire du soin avec ses bienfaits, sa composition imagée, son mode d'application
lip balm
lip balm
our lip balm, 100% natural, 
softens, soothes, regenerates chapped, damaged lips, 
plumps them with a natural effect, 
protects against aggressions
						ingredients: sweet almond, castor oil, shea butter, 
beeswax, vitamin E
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