Lab C.S.C Corsica, France, 2007
special Covid crisis free international
shipping from 280 € purchase
18 € (instead of 28 €) from 180 €
SPECIAL limited Europe 8€ from 95 €
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In this very special and difficult context, ScentSeas shows its solidarity and offers you the shipping costs for all your purchases (see detailed conditions below).
The duration of this offer is not fixed, any change can take place at any time; now is the time to take advantage of it!

We are convinced that we can overcome the obstacles together successfully!

*offered from 20 € purchase in Metropolitan France
*Europe package 8 € shipping costs from 95 € of purchase
*Eastern Europe package 12 € shipping costs from 95 € of purchase
* outside Europe 18 € flat rate from 180 € of purchase

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