Lab C.S.C Corsica, France, 2007
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Légende, multifonction dry oil, face, body, hair
Legende, immortelle dry multifunction oil
face body and hair 100 ml/ 3.38 floz
52.00 €
multi function dry oil

new formula, enriched with macadamia
anti-inflammatory, relieves tired joints, circulatory tonic, soothes and repairs the most sensitive skin,                        
100% natural, combines immortelle, sesame, olive, sweet almond and macadamia oils to fight against dryness and rosacea


spray anytime during the day and evening to suit your needs
100 ml
cérat immortelle, cold cream
cold cream
Cérat immortelle, cold cream 100 % natural
launching price face body hair 3,38 floz
59.00 €

immortelle repair cold cream
face, body, hair

formulated exclusively with natural ingredients, the results are immediate: intense hydration, regeneration, skin repair, healing, soothing, relief of symptoms related to dermatoses, brings softness, revived circulation and lighter legs for atopic and sensitive skin
It is an oil in water emulsion: a cold cream suitable for the most sensitive, irritated, dry and atopic skins
100 ml     3.38 floz
immortelle repair balm
immortelle repair balm
immortelle repair balm, eye contour, face, regenerating, dark circles, wounds 1 oz
38.00 €
elixir immortelle
Elixir, immortelle serum
eye and face treatment, 1,69 floz
48.00 €
huile magique, all in one complete deep care
Huile MAGIQUE all in one deep treatment care
eye and face treatment, 1 floz
48.00 €
organic immortelle cream, réegenerative face & eye contour
organic immortelle regenerative cream
organic eye and face regenerative cream 1 floz
42.00 €
alba, youth & glow fluid cream
ALBA immortelle youth and glow cream
launching price, 2,02 floz
52.00 €

youth & glow
light face & bust cream

Alba, Youth & Glow light cream, to be applied morning / bed time

    • corrects imperfections
    • balances young and mature skin
    • hydrates deeply
    • revitalizes dull and tired skin
    • helps reducing skin imperfections related to stress and hormonal variations
    The non-comedogenic formula
    • detoxifies, normalizes and tightens pores
    The smooth fluid and light texture
    • refines the skin texture and regulates sebum
    • protects the skin from polluting aggressions
    The synergy of clementine, non-photo sensitizing 
    • brings balance to mixed skin and rebalances the lymphatic system
    The skin is visibly
    • supple, nourished, toned, plump
    • redness, traces of acne, fine lines and wrinkles fade

  • balance young and mature skin,
    						revitalize dull and tired skin and face stress and hormonal variations on the skin
60 ml
immortelle foaming face cleanser
sensitive immortelle face cleanser
immortelle foaming cleanser 3,38 floz
24.00 €
The very gentle formula of this facial cleanser is suitable for the most sensitive and / or irritated skin.
Moisten the face beforehand. Take a small dose of the
facial cleanser with the scent of your choice (immortelle/
lavender/rosemary/marjoram/penny royal mint)
Lather between fingers and cleanse the face in circular
motions. Rinse well and pat dry your face.
your skin is clear and soft
cleanser corsica immortelle oil
fleurs de peau, immortelle toner
helichrysum italicum toner
"Fleurs de peau", immortelle toner
natural formula
22.00 €
 "Fleurs de Peau" Immortelle toner is made from
immortelle and witch hazel floral waters. 
Applied with a cotton pad on a clean face, it perfects 
cleansing, removes impurities, excess sebum, it tones, 
refreshes, reduces fine lines, disinfects, decongests, heals,
soothes, it is astringent, anti-inflammatory (excellent 
after shaving), intensifies blood circulation, restores the
natural PH of dull skin.
2 applications per day if theskin is oily and acne 
prone; avoid if the skin is sensitive or irritated 
composition: Helichrysum italicum Flower Water, 
Hammamelis Distilled water BPC (14% alcohol)
immortelle floral water
immortelle floral water
organic corsican distillation
13.00 €
Immortelle is astringent, invigorating, healing, anti hematomas, stimulates micro circulation and the production of collagen, acts on skin conditions, wrinkles, crevices, stretch marks, joint pain. Indicated for the care of dull, tired, reactive, irritated skin, after sun, rosacea. 100% pure and natural floral water, steam extraction in copper still
in June and July
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