Lab C.S.C Corsica, France, 2007
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Scentseas is natural luxury.
Discover nature's magic and power in our products.
Scentseas is a cosmetic company that has researched legendary
beauty secrets of distant and exotic islands.
Our expertise fuses ancient tradition with modernity, and authenticity
with diversity.

Since inception in 2007, and in opposition to trends of the time, we
begin with black for our packaging reflecting a slice of our true
Corsican identity.
We offer original and luxurious skincare products for both women and
men eager to employ noble and rare materials of exceptional quality
from diverse cultures and traditions, pure, natural, and meeting the
highest standards of performance and certifications.
At Scentseas, we fully control and oversee our chain of production
beginning with our own 'Immortelle' plantation high in the mountains of
Corsica where the potent and miraculous flowers grow to be carefully
hand picked and distilled in our laboratory culminating in a superior
Our expertise and creativity is recognized internationally since 2007.
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